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Punchcard Systems: A startup for startups

When you are looking at launching a startup, or thinking about adding an app to innovate your business, it can be hard to find the right place and the right people to get you started. Finding the budget for a full team can be even harder.

This is where Punchcard Systems comes in. Sam Jenkins and his co-founder Estyn Edwards (both serial entrepreneurs) were coming out of another company and had access to a talented product development team that they did not want to lose. Looking at the opportunities available to them, they determined that there was a role for them as a Startup for startups - helping innovators get started in terms of building Version 1 of their product for mobile apps and web-centric tools.

Building a new product from scratch can be intense. Design, quality control, and marketing all play a part. What technology you choose to build with, what your interface looks like, and how you conduct your testing can all result in changes to approach. With Sam’s team you get a leg up from people who have gone through the process before.

A recent example of their work is with Driveable. Punchcard helped build an assessment protocol that uses cutting-edge hardware and software to identify medically at-risk drivers. Driveable had the idea of creating a modernized assessment that presents tasks in an easy touch screen format that can predict on-road performance.

Beyond helping others with their product starts, Sam and his team are currently incubating ideas from their internal team or as Sam called them “Interpreneurs” - with hopes to launch some into the world in the next quarter. Punchcard is a brand based on people, and it’s important that the team has the time to move forward with ideation and experimentation. COVID-19 is providing Punchcard with the time to focus on innovation and make investments in their team.

This all ties into why Sam and Punchard Systems are here in Edmonton. Like me, Sam is a born and bred Albertan and he sees a really unique opportunity in Alberta for technology. Not only does Alberta have diverse ideas and technology, it offers a supportive community for entrepreneurs. Maybe it is the cold winters, but our entrepreneurs have a tenacity that is unmatched and Sam can’t imagine starting a company anywhere else.

Fun fact on Punchcard Systems? They call themselves ‘Punchcardigans’.

Want to learn more? Tune into my full interview with Sam:

And check out Punchcard Systems site:

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