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Learning about Edmonton’s technology scene

New to Edmonton? Working in technology or thinking about getting involved? If so, you are probably wondering where to find information about Edmonton’s thriving tech scene. The goal of this blog is to provide a starter guide so that you can learn more!

This is the first instalment of a three-part series that explores tech in Edmonton, Calgary, and Alberta as a whole.

  • Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute: AMII was founded in 2022 and is one of Canada's three centres of artificial intelligence (AI) excellence. As a non-profit, AMII supports world-leading AI research in Edmonton and helps startups through a variety of programs, including opportunities to train staff and build connections in the community.

  • Edmonton Unlimited: With support from Edmonton City Council, Startup Edmonton and Edmonton Innovates joined forces in 2020 to become a leading authority on local innovation. Edmonton Unlimited offers programs, events and resources for students, startups and scaleups. It shares Edmonton innovation stories, and showcases the companies and leaders that operate in the community.

  • Edmonton Regional Innovation Network: ERIN is a coalition of Edmonton-area organizations that support startups through mentorship, programming, and investment.

  • Innovation Masterminds Edmonton: imYEG is a pre-accelerator that helps researchers just starting on the path to commercialization overcome early barriers. It’s free of charge to University of Alberta innovators!

  • Edmonton Global: Not to be confused with Global Edmonton television, Edmonton Global brings our city to the world. The team at Edmonton Global is focused not just on technology and innovation, but also on business and investment.

  • StartUp TNT: StartUp TNT is an angel investment and venture capital (VC) group that is focused on prairie investment. Normally, I would not include a specific VC on the list but this team does a ton in our community. From hosting a weekly happy hour (at a local restaurant or pub) to educating new angel investors and offering education sessions for entrepreneurs, StartUp TNT brings together students, investors, and entrepreneurs. If you want to see what is cooking in terms of new innovation, StartUp TNT’s investment summits are fantastic to sit in on as you can see what is being built.

  • Taproot Publishing: Taproot offers a daily email news service, along with a weekly roundup focused on the local tech community. The tech roundup offers a full listing of upcoming events.

Interested in learning more about our tech community in Edmonton? Check out some of the great companies that are based in Edmonton:

2S Water: Builds sensors to monitor and detect heavy metals in water.

Areto Labs: Makes social media communities safer by tracking, moderating and counteracting sexist, racist and hateful comments.

Beamdog: Creates quality gaming experiences like Axis & Allies, 1942, and Baldur’s Gate.

Bio-Stream Diagnostic: Builds diagnostic imaging to speed up disease diagnosis.

DevFacto: Creates custom software and integrates systems to transform business processes.

Discover Coding: Introduces children to coding and analytical skills.

Drugbank: Provides a comprehensive, free-to-access, online database that carries information on drugs and drug targets.

Drivewyze: Provides pre-clear and bypassing capabilities to drivers, helping to innovate the trucking industry.

Health Gauge: Constructs wearable health technology that combines health data and AI.

HonestDoor: Uses AI/ML to provide an instant estimate of a home’s current property value.

G2V Optics: Provides solar simulation technology solutions to world-leading researchers, Fortune 500 technology firms, and aerospace companies.

Inflexion Games: Develops games, including a gaslamp Victorian fantasy.

Intellimedia: Builds education analytics and integration solutions to help schools.

Gummy Nutrition Lab: Delivers nutraceuticals in a gummy format.

Ironsight: Takes the guesswork out of field operations, linking field service providers with the field.

Jobber: Makes home service easy for everyone - allowing for easy online booking, quoting and scheduling for small service providers.

Levven Electronics: Builds whole-home smart controls that lower operating costs.

Onlea: Creates online learning journeys, courses, interactives, and training materials for better online learning.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics: Crafts synthetic digital models of complex systems like electrical grids and the systems and people that interact with them, to help cities, decision makers and companies plan for energy, mobility and resilience.

Trust Science: Uses machine learning to build credit scores for those who cannot get credit due to traditional credit scoring.

Know of another company that should be on the list? Or another resource? Let us know!

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