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I've never heard of your company...

Part of Alberta’s tech industry? If yes, chances are that when you talk about the company you work for, whether it be your friends, family or previous colleagues, they haven’t heard about what your company does. You probably start with an elevator pitch of sorts that you try to keep pretty straight forward, and you may have a example or quick story of how your product is used, and companies who use it. Even then, you might get shoulder shrugs.

I’ve been there… multiple times. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I have friends and family that even with examples only have a vague understanding of what I’ve been doing. But I love it and could not imagine any industry that would be a better fit for me. Being in tech provides so many opportunities requiring constant learning and change – and Alberta has a diversity that makes it easy to be excited about where our industry is heading.

Watching the impact of government funding changes and the coronavirus in the last six months has been hard. Add to that the coverage from a media standpoint that talks to companies moving out of this province, and you start to feel some of the excitement leech.

I want to counter that. Alberta has so much potential and can be (and already is) a part of what we need to invest in to diversify. There are over 500 companies in this province that focus on technology of one sort or another but how many Albertans can name more than a couple? Probably not that many. We have a number of organizations that are supposed to be there to help our industry grow but when I went looking for a site that showed our potential, what we bring, who we work with, it wasn’t there.

That is where this blog comes in. I want to introduce our tech companies to you, and to Albertans. I’ll be interviewing our tech company CEO’s to share with you what they do, and why they do it here. I hope you will share the journey with me – and share it with other Albertans. If our industry is going to thrive, we need to know what is out there and so does Alberta.

Know someone? Introduce me!

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