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FIRST Jobs Program - Company Showcase - Week Three

Technology Alberta, Alberta’s industry association for growing entrepreneurial advanced technology companies, has just launched the ‘Technology Alberta FIRST (First Industry Research Science and Technology companies) Job Program. Supported by the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) – this program is designed to match 50 Alberta Technology companies with local Alberta Post-Secondary educated Youth (ages 29 and under) Talent. Youth participants are from across the province, ranging from business students to machine learning graduates.

The Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program has multiple goals including keeping Talent in Alberta to grow the amazing companies in the Alberta Tech Sector. Alberta’s universities and technical institutes are producing outstanding grads and we want to keep them in this province… but they need to know about the companies that exist here and be excited about the technology being created here.

Which is why each week over the next three months we will be showcasing the companies that are taking part in this program. This way, not only are these 50 Young Professionals being introduced to these cool companies - but so is the wider Alberta community.

This week our showcase is focused on technology solutions for Media:

Areto Labs builds applications and bots to encourage positivity in social and work platforms. On Twitter, Areto created ParityBOT, that detects and classifies hateful, harmful and toxic tweets directed at women in leadership or public office. For every tweet that passes a certain threshold, the bot posts a positive tweet to bust trolls and bring positivity and inclusion into the conversation. It’s been used here in Alberta and in Canada for our recent elections!

For corporations, the team at Areto created an app called Coach which integrates with Slack. It posts culture building messages and prompts to increase engagement. It also uses machine learning to gauge sentiment and engagement. The goal is to make companies digital environments more inclusive and positive.

Hubudub is a digital hub that is focused on community building and engagement, and the mental health benefits this generates. Their hub links community partners (business, municipality services) and community members through their application. In the application, community members are encouraged to attend events, check-in while participating in activities or at facilities or completing challenges - and for each interaction are rewarded through a partner-points plan.

The Hubudub app gamifies the interaction and the community members get rewards in the form of gift certificates for taking part. Engagement examples include points for going to the YMCA, for blood donation, or to the library. Hubudub users can even get points for attending the FIRST Jobs Program Company Showcase series!

Splice Software works with their clients to improve customer communications. Businesses no longer have to manage communications by just phone or email, they also have to manage text, chat, and even voice-first solutions like smart home devices. Splice focuses on helping to create personalized messaging for each of these using automated workflows.

For each channel (phone, text, email, chat), Splice allows their clients to define a set experience that is on brand. For example, an insurance company can plan their communications for each stage of the customer lifecycle. From marketing and insurance quotes to policy issuance and onboarding, to payment processing and reminders. They can even set up automated messaging for claims processing from claim status updates to appointment reminders.

Long time Journalists Mack Male and Karen Unland are re-envisioning journalism in the face of the rapidly changing media landscape. Community funded and community focused, this team focuses on local “how-and-why” journalism. Combining stories, newsletters, podcasts, their operation focuses on informing Edmontonians about their community, in an interesting and engaging way.

In 2018, Taproot launched multiple focused initiatives, including the Tech Roundup - which highlights the latest headlines and happenings in Edmonton’s tech community. Their team shares upcoming events, recent wins from new company launches, new funding and scholarships, and more information on the exciting growth we are experiencing in the local tech sector! Support this team and our community by signing up today!

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