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FIRST Jobs Program - Company Showcase - Week Four

Technology Alberta, Alberta’s grass-roots industry association which supports the growth of entrepreneurial advanced technology companies through community and raising visibility, has just launched the ‘Technology Alberta FIRST (First Industry Research Science and Technology companies) Job Program. Supported by the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) – this program has matched 50 Alberta Technology companies with local Alberta Post-Secondary educated Youth (ages 29 and under) Talent. Youth participants are from across the province, ranging from business students to machine learning graduates.

The Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program has multiple goals including retaining Talent in Alberta, and growing these amazing companies. Alberta’s universities and technical institutes are producing outstanding grads and we want to keep them in this province… but they need to know about the companies that exist here and be excited about the technology being created here.

Which is why each week over the next three months we will be showcasing the companies that are taking part in this program. This way, not only are these 50 Young Professionals being introduced to these cool companies - but so is the wider Alberta community.

This week our showcase is focused on technology solutions for Advisory Services, Education and Public Awareness:

Intellimedia offers solutions to improve online education. They have developed an education management software system that allows teachers to monitor learning profiles, create individual education plans and track progression. In addition to that, they have created a solution that facilitates the exchange of information between home and schools. Removing manual paperwork while improving effective communications and educational outcomes - the team at Intellimedia created a platform allowing schools to integrate registration forms, payments and event scheduling like parent teacher conferences to make it easier on parents and schools!

Onlea (ON-line LEArning) creates online learning experiences. Onlea’s creative design team builds courses focused on an integrated team approach, working with their clients to combine instructional design, animation, video production and application development to create an innovative and immersive experience. Onlea-developed courses have been distributed across a wide variety of mobile app stores, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms, and learning management systems. Recent examples in Canadian news of their courses include the University of Alberta’s MOOC free online programs Dino 101, and the highly respected Indigenous Canada.

Interested in learning more about Onlea? We recently interviewed Onlea CEO Adriana Lopez Forero:

Discover Coding provides programs for children that guides them through the fundamentals of computer, game design and coding. The founders (including Award-winner Jennifer Lam) initially created the program to teach their own children as they wanted to set their kids on the path to future success. From there the team built out a comprehensive (and fun) program designed to grow kids' interest in coding and computers. Offering programs for all ages and covering basic code, digital basics and even python courses, they are teaching the next group of engineers!

Alberta WaterPortal Society might not initially make Albertans think of technology. It’s true that they are charitable organization that focuses on educating using science-based, factual and unbiased information about water in our province. But to help engage Albertans of all ages, the team at Alberta WaterPortal is passionate about using technology to expand their reach. By incorporating online quizzes, animated video series and most recently online games, technology is helping them to increase their reach, and improve water usage and quality for Alberta.

Abinsi Solutions Group is an Alberta-based technology and consulting firm that helps organizations grow within their areas of business. Abinsi supports strategic innovation projects - from governance and quality reviews - to productivity assessments, and process design to change management. Abinsi can fill in where needed - and can help educate and advise a strategic approach to projects.

Castle Rock Research started as a publishing company providing key study guides for junior and high school students. Their study guides focus on providing students with support for math, science, language arts and social studies. Initially starting with a regional focus in Alberta, their team now provides value for provinces across Canada, and are now also available under their company Solaro. The fundamental ideal remains focused on helping children with their studies to improve academic outcomes.

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