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FIRST Jobs Program - Company Showcase - Week Five

Technology Alberta, Alberta’s grass-roots industry association which supports the growth of entrepreneurial advanced technology companies through community and raising visibility, has just launched the ‘Technology Alberta FIRST (First Industry Research Science and Technology companies) Job Program. Supported by the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification’s Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) – this program has matched 50 Alberta Technology companies with local Alberta Post-Secondary educated Youth (ages 29 and under) Talent. Youth participants are from across the province, ranging from business students to machine learning graduates.

The Technology Alberta FIRST Jobs Program has multiple goals including retaining Talent in Alberta, and growing these amazing companies. Alberta’s universities and technical institutes are producing outstanding grads and we want to keep them in this province… but they need to know about the companies that exist here and be excited about the technology being created here.

Which is why each week over the next three months we will be showcasing the companies that are taking part in this program. This way, not only are these 50 Young Professionals being introduced to these cool companies - but so is the wider Alberta community.

This week our showcase is focused on Edmonton and Calgary-based health technologies companies:

Bio-Stream Diagnostics Inc. was founded in 2020, for developing and launching an ultra-rapid COVID-19 test. Mass population screening is going to be integral in the fights against COVID-19 and it’s variants, or future viruses. The team at Bio-Stream is developing an antigen test appropriate for regular and ongoing screening with the screening test taking 30 seconds and costing pennies. Their solution combines Raman spectroscopy and machine learning and is as accurate as the gold standard PCR.

Interested in learning more about Bio-Stream? We interviewed CEO John Murphy about how Bio-Stream got started:

Cohesic is focused on improving diagnostic and therapy decisions. This team has created two platforms with the first being cardioDI which standardizes cardiac diagnostic workflows and consolidates data to enable better interpretation and communication. Their second platform Intake increases the involvement of patients in their testing process to improve care. This solution allows patients to share data relating to their test including health history to help test interpretation.

Alethea is a physician-centric platform developed to help both Family Practitioners and Specialists simplify their workflows. Alethea’s toolkit allows Physicians to record, review and collaborate over images with specialists. Add on to that, Alethea has introduced a point-of-care diagnostic support for all Ear, Nose, Throat, and Dermatologic conditions. Using their eConsult templates, their Partnering Physicians receive same-day recommendations for treatment and follow-up, without the need to wait months to years for a traditional consultation.

H3ALTH TECHNOLOGIES offers 3D health and fitness body imaging products. Their solution provides the ability to track body measurements using 3D imaging systems alongside software applications to allow for tracking change over time.

Health Gauge is a leading digital health solutions provider poised to disrupt the traditional healthcare industry by providing digital solutions which improve health outcomes while reducing costs and stresses on the overburdened healthcare infrastructure. Health Gauge combines personal health monitoring to continuously track health data with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to provide health analysis, insight and predictive analytics. This team’s product takes a wrist device and advanced AI/ML to measure blood pressure, ECG, digital pulse rate, heart rate and more. Artificial intelligence is used to discern intricate patterns in data; the more data added, the better machine-based tools can be used to help clarify health trends faster and more accurately.

Mosaic Sensors develops optical sensors and sensor array technology to support reliable test kits for rapid health and safety monitoring. Their team focuses on three solutions. The first is water quality monitoring which allows users to test water and get analysis on site for pollutants like e.Coli, lead, cadmium and more. Their second solution provides companies with a way to quickly detect cannabinoids (THC and CBD) alongside heavy metals, organic impurities and microbial contaminants in cannabis plant extraction. And their final solution works on detecting biomarkers for health monitoring. Using advanced functional polymer materials, they can detect foodborne pathogens like e.Coli or salmonella, detect bacterial or viral infections and monitor hormone levels of cancer biomarkers.

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