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35 Years of Innovation: 2005 ASTech Winners

In 2005, Google continued to revolutionize our lives with the release of Google Maps, making the days of relying on paper maps seem like ancient history. Additionally, they launched Google Analytics, paving the way for a better understanding of website user behavior. Apple made strides in accessibility by releasing VoiceOver, a screen reader utility for the visually impaired. That year also saw the launch of Kijiji and the coining of the term "selfie" by photographer Jim Krause in his book Photo Idea Index.

In Alberta, new startups emerged, including Yardstick, which specialized in exam administration, psychometrics, and eLearning instructional design (acquired in 2019), and Onstream Pipeline Inspection Services (active in Calgary), developers of high-resolution inline inspection equipment for the oil and gas industry.

The ASTech Awards of 2005 recognized innovators across industries, from math to biomedical and GPS technology.

Dr. Norman Beaulieu was honored for developing the "Beaulieu series," a mathematical method crucial for estimating bandwidth efficiency to support the growing demand for wireless devices.

XSENSOR Technology Corporation received the ASTech Industrial Research Award for revolutionizing pressure imaging systems for medical and industrial applications. Headquartered in Calgary, XSENSOR began with sensors designed to measure pressure on cushions for wheelchair users and expanded to create sensors for clinical surfaces, tire tread designs, and airbag pressure monitoring.

NovAtel Inc. won the award for Outstanding Commercial Achievement (>25M). A global leader in GPS technologies, NovAtel provides OEM global satellite positioning products, including GNSS receivers, antennas, and subsystems, enabling real-time location data worldwide. Acquired by Swedish conglomerate Hexagon AB in 2007, NovAtel remains headquartered in Calgary.

CV Technologies was recognized for Outstanding Commercial Achievement in Alberta Science and Technology (<25M). Co-founded by Dr. Jacqueline Shan, CV Technologies (later Afexa Life Sciences) advanced the natural health product industry with its flagship product, Cold-FX, a top-selling over-the-counter cold and flu remedy originating from a University of Alberta spin-off. In 2011, Afexa was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., now Bausch Health Companies Inc.

In 2005, there were 14 ASTech Award Winners, you can dig into their achievements here.

This post is in partnership with Technology Alberta and the ASTech Awards, celebrating the impact of 35 years of innovation in Alberta, tying our past to our present. Our thanks to Lisa Carter and Neil Goud for their research and support.

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