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Introducing Alberta Tech Companies to Albertans.

Interested in learning about what tech companies are doing? My goal with this Alberta Technology Blog is to make it easier to learn about our technology leaders.

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Braintoy: AI for Everyone

Brain Toy is a Calgary based company designed to help Data Scientists implement models without having to build and maintain infrastructure.

Agriolabs: Sprouting up in Edmonton

AgrioLabs is a first for About Alberta Tech, as this startup isn’t focused on the code and programming side of technology, but on design...

Stream.ML: Automated Machine Learning

Alberta, and Edmonton, in particular, has a strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) sector, which many of us hope...

Introducing: Beamdog

Interview with Trent Oster - CEO and Co-Founder of Beamdog, an Albertan Gaming Development company.

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